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OraLoader is a Oracle data load/unload tool. Main features: 1. Import data from text,csv,Excel
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16 February 2015

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Do you face any problem loading or unloading your Oracle data? You can have a permanent solution to this problem by having the OraLoader 2.5. It’s a tool that makes it easy for you to import/export the data from and to text, Excel, csv, with much ease and in a quick manner. It would save a lot of your time while you’re loading or unloading the data. It enables you to transfer the data between tables and even to various databases. The software is mass loader utility that can be used to move the data into Oracle database from the external files. It supports you with easy transfer and simple functioning with efficient performance.

While working with OraLoader 2.5 you would be frequented with an interface that is all set with options ready to use. Load the data file into the program and make other selections. Choose the table feature requires you to have select the schema and the table from the drop down menu. Configure the fields; set the Field count, use file name in file header, select the ‘Delimiter’ and the ‘Quoted by’ options. For loading the data you need to select the ‘Load Rows’, ‘Load Type’ to be append or replace, Skip Rows and Errors to allow. You can have the preview of the result and then start the loading process that can be stopped at your discretion. You also have the option for saving the data to Sql. For Unloading the process you need to select singe or all tables. Mark the table that you want to unload and set the Unload Options. You need to select the data file folder and then making the selections you just need to click ‘Unload’. The log file is created by the program to have the record of the activities performed.

OraLoader 2.5 is a wonderful and easy to use utility to work with and makes the loading and unloading of Oracle data a cakewalk. Considering the uncomplicated features and speedy performance it has been given 4 rating points which it truly deserves.

Publisher's description

OraLoader: Save Your Oracle importing/exporting work.
OraLoader is a data conversion tool that helps DBA and database developer import/export Oracle database from/to flat files and Excel files.
OraLoader can import/export data easy and fast, saves you a ton of time.
By using OraLoader you can move data smoothly, even tables in different databases.
Main features:
1) Import from both flat files and Excel files.
2) Export from both table and query.
3) Export to multiple formats (text, csv, excel, html, xml, SQL*Loader control file).
4) Export all tables data in a schema to files in same time.
5) Easy visually config, just click on the mouse.
6) Saving and loading session parameters.
7) Displaying Progress, time estimation.
8) Import preview and seeing results immediately.
9) Tow mode: Wizard - step by step; Direct import - efficient.
Version 4.7
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